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Watch What Happens When a Stockpile of Fireworks Accidentally Starts Exploding


"The best fireworks display you'll ever see."

Image via YouTube

Did Independence Day leave you wanting more fireworks? Perhaps you've always been curious about would happen if you set off hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of fireworks at once?

Well, a video out of Italy showing a stockpile of fireworks accidentally exploding should interest you.

<p>Image: Screen shot/YouTube</p> Image: Screen shot/YouTube

Image: Screen shot/YouTube Image: Screen shot/YouTube

Via Metro U.K.:

...This video showcases the most impressive fireworks seen all year – and the best part is they were a total mistake.

The clip shows the accidental explosion of a stockpile of fireworks in Italy and, as you’d expect, it’s an incredible sight.

Thousands of fireworks are seen to illuminate the sky, as spectators run to observe the unexpected display from a safe distance.

It is not thought that the spectators came to any harm during the incident, which is thought to have occurred in July, as the explosion seems to be occurring behind a wall of thick vines acting as a shield.

You can see the complete video, which AOL described as "the best fireworks display you'll ever see," below:

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