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Look Closely. What One Young Woman Tweeted Out After Person Opened Fire in Iowa Neighborhood Is Scary.


"Wtf someone just [tried] and shot my dad..."

(Source: Twitter)

A young woman has tweeted out some stunning pictures after police say a man opened fire in a residential neighborhood in the town of Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

The woman, identified on Twitter as madalynstephen2 and who appears to be a local high schooler, said early Monday morning that her dad was shot at outside her house, and then posted a picture allegedly showing where at least one bullet whizzed through the home:

The pictures have not been verified. However, if true, they paint a picture of a very scary morning in Iowa.

According to local news source KCCI-TV, two different shootings were reported in the area. Two people were shot and both victims were taken to local hospitals. Police, however, are unsure if the shootings are related at this point. They do have a suspect in custody.

The girl who posted the pictures on Twitter told TheBlaze her father was not one of the men taken to the hospital:

She also tweeted out a picture of what appears to be police cars outside here house:

Local schools were already on edge after someone reportedly posted a threat on social media. Classes have been cancelled for the day.


The young woman offered more details on Twitter, saying that the windows to her dad's truck are "no longer there." She said he's currently working with detectives to identify the man.

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