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Florida Man Filmed Himself Making ‘Offensive’ Comments to Random Women — He Probably Didn't Expect One of Them to Do Something That Landed Him in Handcuffs


"He want to make money out of humiliating women."

Image source: WKMG-TV

"Are you scared to be recorded on random cameras?"

That's what a Florida man asks some women when he approaches them in stores, recording them with his smartphone. But after he recently posted a video of one such encounter on YouTube, the man found himself in jail.

Hector Rivera of Clermont, Florida, makes what he calls "reaction seeking" videos in which he issues ridiculous and sometimes sexually inappropriate comments to women to record their reactions.

Image source: WKMG-TV Image source: WKMG-TV

"Excuse me, do you think I'm cute?" he asked one woman.

"I think all Spanish girls have big butts," Rivera commented to another.

"I have a girl in the trunk of my car...," he said to yet another.

"Can I try your cookies?" Rivera asked one woman after startling her. He later put his arm around this woman and called her "kitty cat."

On his Facebook page a few days ago, Rivera encouraged his followers to "comment what u want me to say ur do to people for my next video."

Watch the footage (Note: some of the conversation might be considered inappropriate):

Rivera has a few other videos posted on his YouTube channel that seek similar reactions as well. In a more harmless one, he records himself letting out a scream in a store and recording the response. His antics seem to be all about getting a laugh.

While some women take Rivera's pranks as more light hearted, one told WKMG-TV it made her uncomfortable.

"When my kids saw that video, they were offended. I'm a single mom and that's really offensive," the woman, who the news station did not identify by name, said.

"He wants to make money out of humiliating women," she added later. "Remember that he has a mother."

Rivera was identified after the woman found herself in the YouTube video and reported the incident to police, who arrested him on disorderly conduct and battery charges, according WKMG.

Watch the news station's report:

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This arrest comes at a time when it has been popular for women to record themselves as they walk down the street, documenting "street harassment."

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