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A legal immigrant calls in. Is DC listening?

U.S. Border Patrol agent Richard Funke looks for footprints from illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.- Mexico border on December 7, 2010 near Nogales, Arizona. Although a new fence has been built along the majority of Arizona's border with Mexico, critics have called for fencing of the entire stretch. Much of the unfenced terrain is in remote and mountainous areas. Although illegal immigration has slowed all along the U.S. Mexico border, Border Patrol officials say the Tucson sector remains the most heavily trafficked in the nation. (Image source: Getty Images)

A legal immigrant called in today to Pat & Stu to share her story of the nearly impossible journey to obtaining citizenship in America. She's trying to go about it the legal way.

This is a segment that every Republican in Washington, D.C. needs to hear, as one caller explains from her own dreadful experience why we need sensible changes to the immigration system. The federal government should use one of its rarely used tools and go for common sense this time -- not amnesty from a president who will break the law to get what he wants.

Listen to Caroline in St. Louis at the 34:40-mark:


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