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This Map Shows Just How Lonely Americans' Commutes Are

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Are you riding solo? You're not alone.

As a map posted to Reddit on Friday by metricmapsore shows, huge numbers of Americans drive alone to get to work each day.

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Based on 2011 American Community Survey information, the map shows starkly how lonesome most commutes are.

In spots around big cities including New York and Philadelphia...

Image via imgur Image via imgur well as in the sparsely populated western states, fewer than half of commuters drive to work alone, the map shows.

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In the middle of the country, however, nearly everyone — upwards of 80 percent of commuters — takes solo car trips to get to work.

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Nationwide, the map showed, roughly 3/4 of American commuters drive alone to work, while around 10 percent carpool and smaller percentages use other means — bikes, public transit, their own two feet — to get to work.

Some Reddit users reacted to the map by calling for people to carpool and use public transit more, while a few holdouts seemed pleased with the current state of affairs.

"Wouldn't have it any other way," one user wrote. "Public transportation sucks."

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