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A Purported Sign From God in the Clouds, Churches Torched to the Ground and Sadie Robertson's Message About God: The Biggest Faith Stories of the Week


“[It] reminded everyone that we were being watched."

It's time for the faith recap, featuring the most intriguing religion and culture stories published on TheBlaze this week. Let's begin:

Did you see the image that recently had actors and producers on the set of the new "A.D." television series pulling out their cell phones to take photos of the sky?

Production stopped after the cast and crew noticed what they believed to be a cross formed by clouds. Roma Downey, one of the show's producers, said, “[It] reminded everyone that we were being watched."

Roma Downey Roma Downey

While we're covering the Bible, consider a current Kickstarter campaign aimed at translating the entire holy book using emoticons. The project might offend some, but what do you think? Read the story and let us know.

And one more Bible-themed story. Guess who was recently put on trial for attempted murder? None other than Abraham — the well-known Old Testament figure.

See the jury's decision as to whether or not he was guilty of nearly killing his son (plus, check out the well-known former politician who played the role of prosecutor in the mock trial).

On the Hollywood front, actor Kirk Cameron recently sat down with TheBlaze faith editor Billy Hallowell to discuss his new faith-themed movie and the importance of saving Christmas.

A screen shot from Kirk Cameron's "Unstoppable" trailer (Kirk Cameron) A screen shot from Kirk Cameron's "Unstoppable" trailer (Kirk Cameron)

And in case you missed it: In a stunning move last week, two country music stars announced that they are gay.

Also, did you catch the story about the man who was about to end his life when a "miracle" changed his mind just in the nick of time? TheBlaze spoke with Jay Lowder, who now runs a Christian ministry, about the life-ending act he nearly took more than 20 years ago — and take a look at what stopped him.

Then there was our interview with gospel singer Joseph Habedank, who was once addicted to prescription drugs. Through hope and God’s grace, though, he said he was able to win the battle. Hear Habedank's advice for people struggling with addiction.

And did you catch the video of the Texas pastor who showed just how powerful forgiveness can be when he appeared in court before the arsonists who lit 10 churches on fire? The preacher's forgiving act was featured in “Little Hope Was Arson," a documentary that tells the story of the tragedy the young boys brought to the small Texas town.

Little Hope Was Arson Little Hope Was Arson

Be sure also to read about one woman who risks it all to protect children in Sudan. Despite facing challenges — including being raped by a group of refugees on one of her nonprofit trips — Kimberly Smith continues to go to Africa to care for the children at the orphanages she runs with her husband. Read her incredible story here.

There's also at least one conservative preacher who agrees with President Barack Obama's immigration stance and backs his recent executive action. Read all about the pastor's reasoning here.

And before Sadie Robertson took the stage on “Dancing With the Stars” last week, a touching video paid tribute to her lifelong focus on God and the pride her family feels seeing her perform every night. Watch the video that shows Willie Robertson’s softer side.

Last but not least: the U.S. Postal Service is apparently in the Christmas spirit.

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