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Thanksgiving Shoplifting Suspect Almost Hits Cops in Busy Parking Lot Getaway. But She Turns Out to Be the Turkey in the End.


But Hunt didn't make an escape.

Camilla Hunt (Image source: Idaho Tribune-Statesman)

NAMPA, Idaho (TheBlaze/AP) — After reports of ongoing shoplifting, Nampa officers responded to a busy parking lot full of Thanksgiving day shoppers. When they tried to arrest Gregory Redner and Camilla Hunt, both of Oregon, the pair fled.

Camilla Hunt (Image source: Idaho Tribune-Statesman) Camilla Hunt (Image source: Idaho Press-Tribune)

Police nabbed Rednor, according to the Idaho Press-Tribune, but Hunt ran to a car and drove away, nearly striking two officers in the process. Given the potential threat to public safety that a vehicle chase might bring, police declined to pursue her in the busy parking lot.

But Hunt didn't make an escape. Instead she drove in circles around the lot.

Which made it very easy for police, who simply laid down a spike strip which Hunt drove over, deflating two of her tires.

She abandoned the car and tried to flee on foot, the Press-Tribune said, but Hunt was soon caught and taken into custody.

More from the Press-Tribune:

During the investigation, police said, Hunt was found to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance. She faces charges of aggravated assault on law enforcement officers, burglary, felony eluding, driving under the influence, driving without privileges and petit theft. She also had an outstanding probation violation warrant at the time of her arrest.

Redner was booked on charges of burglary and petty theft.

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