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Joe Scarborough Unleashes Tirade on MSNBC Over 'B.S. Being Spewed' Regarding Michael Brown Saga


"I have sat here quietly and listened to B.S. being spewed all over this network and all over other networks."

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough delivered a passionate monologue over the ongoing Michael Brown saga Monday morning, claiming that the media are doing a disservice to cops by pushing a narrative that police officers are "just going around looking to shoot and kill black people."

Evan Agostini/AP Images for The Hollywood Reporter MSNBC host Joe Scarborough (Evan Agostini/AP Images for The Hollywood Reporter)

He also took aim at Brown's actions and compared support for the 18 year old — who was killed August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri, by former police officer Darren Wilson — to the support some "right wingers" gave to George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin in 2012.

"Somebody needs to tell me why Michael Brown has been chosen as the face of black oppression. I see actually a reverse of what happened in Trayvon, where right wingers clinged to this nasty, thuggish guy that chased a young black man through a neighborhood simply because he was black," he said. "Trayvon was guilty of walking while being black. And my right wing nut job friends all embrace George Zimmerman. A Thug."

While he said that defenders of Zimmerman humiliated themselves, he used the example, in turn, to take aim at those holding Brown up, specifically explaining why he believes the latter is an unpalatable option.

"There are so many great people to embrace as heroes in the black community," Scarborough continued. "Deciding you're going to embrace a guy that knocked over a convenience store and then, according to grand jury testimony, acted in ways that would get my children shot … that's your hero?"

The host, who was clearly irritated by what has been reported in media of late regarding Wilson and Brown, noted that he had reached a breaking point and could no longer be silent on the matter.

"I have sat here quietly and listened to B.S. being spewed all over this network and all over other networks," Scarborough proclaimed. "I can't take it anymore."

Watch Scarborough speak out about Ferguson below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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