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Beck Says This Is Why the Protesters in Ferguson and Across America 'Will Fail


"Americans reject things powered by hatred."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program December 2, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Tuesday said the protesters who are trying to foment unrest in Ferguson and across America "will fail," for the same reason Occupy Wall Street and countless other efforts to foment unrest in America have failed.

"The American people are better than this," Beck said on his radio program. "The American people are not revolutionaries at heart. They're 'evolutionaries' at heart, but they're not revolutionaries. ... We didn't embrace Occupy Wall Street because it didn't take very long to see that it was powered by hatred. Americans reject things powered by hatred."

Beck said if the heart of the American people doesn't put a stop to the violence, the fact that many Americans "don't give a flying crap" will.

"We don't care that much anymore. We're lazy," Beck said. "'I'll go out and steal a TV maybe. But -- revolution? I don't really care that much. We're lazy."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program December 2, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program, Dec. 2, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

But Beck said that there are certainly voices calling for unrest. He played audio of Louis Farrakhan seemingly encouraging people to “tear this goddamn country up" and saying that only when white people start to "die" will black people and white people be able to talk.

"They're sowing these seeds," Beck said. "And people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, in particular, are sowing these seeds."

Beck said Americans are constantly being pitted against one another, whether it's by income with Occupy Wall Street or by race in Ferguson. He contends people like Frances Fox Piven "went back to the drawing board" after Occupy Wall Street dissipated and concluded that there had to be a race component for a revolutionary movement to gain traction.

"You have to get all that pent-up hatred on race," Beck said. "Unleash that. And you know this is the strategy because look at what's happening at the border. Look at what they've done in the last six months -- try to poke race, race, race."

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