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Watch Megyn Kelly Call Out Congressman for 'Hands up, Don't Shoot' Gesture


"How is it about race when every witness who testified Michael Brown was charging that cop was African American?"

Megyn Kelly got into a heated clash with Rep. Al Green (D-TX) Tuesday night over the ongoing Ferguson saga, with the congressman lecturing Kelly to be "fair and balanced" after she cited witness testimony backing the claim that Michael Brown charged officer Darren Wilson.

Green, one of the representatives who took to the House floor this week to exhibit the "hands up, don't shoot" stance, disagreed with Kelly's claim that protesters who are angry over a grand jury's decision not to indict Wilson are ignoring the evidence.

"There have been statements made about this particular case that seem to many to be beyond the pale, including that the decision by the grand jury not to indict this police officer under these circumstances 'underscores an unwritten rule that black lives have no value and that you may kill black men in this country without consequence,'" Kelly said, quoting a statement from the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Fox News host asked whether Green stood by these comments and he seemingly doubled down, with Kelly subsequently pushing back and claiming that there simply wasn't enough evidence backing protesters' claims about Brown's death to indict.

After Kelly read grand jury testimony from African American witnesses that claimed Brown was charging Wilson, thus calling the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture into question, Green said that those statements don't provide the full picture.

"You have other witnesses who indicated that his hands were up … that he was not charging," the congressman responded, accusing Kelly of "creating the appearance of only three witnesses."

Green repeatedly said that Kelly is doing her viewers a disservice and that she should "be fair and balanced" in presenting the details, with the two talking over one another throughout the segment.

"How is it about race when every witness who testified Michael Brown was charging that cop was African American?" she countered.

He responded, "Well, because African Americans can make mistakes too."

See the fiery debate below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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