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This ‘Painful’ Sporting Event Is So Difficult Lance Armstrong Didn’t Make the Cut: ‘It’s Not What You Expect’


"A lot of people don't finish..."

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It's a sporting event that you've probably never heard of: "The Beer Mile."

The underground race consists of chugging a beer, running a quarter-mile lap — then repeating both tasks four times, or until a mile is completed. It's a feat so difficult Lance Armstrong couldn't make the cut, according to KTBC-TV.

On Wednesday, the first ever Flo Beer Mile World Championship took place in Austin, Texas, sponsored by local company Flocast.

Image source: The first ever Flo Beer Mile World Championship took place in Austin, Texas, Wednesday. (Image source: KTBC-TV)

"For the last thirty years the Beer Mile has been this underground event," Flocast's chief operating officer told KTBC. "Now is the time to bring everyone together to have a true world champion because they've never raced each other before."

"A lot of people don't finish their first beer mile it is painful and it's not what you expect," he added.

Ultimately about 150 people descended upon the Circuit of the America's track to run the race, KTBC reported. To qualify for the world championship race, however, runners had to previously qualify.

Elizabeth Herndon took home the women's title, completing the "Beer Mile" in 6:17.76. Corey Gallagher took home the men's title, running the race in 5:00.23.

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