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Is Your State Prepared for a Natural Disaster? Check Out These Rankings and See Where You Stand

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How well could your state handle a disaster?

In an infographic posted earlier this year,'s "Prepper Feed" blog came up with a measure of each state's disaster-preparedness by analyzing the risks each state faces from different natural calamities and stacking that against each state's per-capita disaster budget.

As you might expect, those criteria led to a ranking system that favors lower-population, bigger-government states.

The worst-prepared state, according to the rankings: Texas, which faces threats from hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes but which has a fairly low per-capita disaster budget for its 26.5 million people.

Meanwhile, states with smaller populations fared much better: Wyoming, North Dakota and Delaware nabbed the top three spots.

See the risk map below:

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The other large states — California (nearly 40 million people), Florida (almost 20 million people) and New York (19.6 million people) — rounded out the list's bottom four.

Check out the complete rankings below:

(Image via Insider)

(H/T: Business Insider)

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