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Man Uses GoPro Camera to Discover How His Dog Keeps Opening the Fridge – See for Yourself

Image source: YouTube

The owner of a 12-year-old yellow labrador named Allie couldn't figure out how the dog was getting into the refrigerator and freezer when he was gone. But thanks to modern technology he now knows exactly how the pooch did it.

A GoPro camera positioned high above the kitchen caught it all on video. It's unclear why the dog tips over the trash can before rummaging the fridge (besides maybe to dig for an appetizer). However, it becomes clear at the end that Allie knows exactly what's in the freezer.

The dog appears to pull out a large piece of meat from the freezer before using the freezer drawer as a sort of ladder to the refrigerator above it. Once the refrigerator is open, the dog somehow manages to pull out what appears to be an entire drawer of the appliance.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

The pooch disappears from the camera's view a few times carrying what appears to be meat from the freezer or refrigerator in its mouth. The dog then returns to the kitchen with nothing in its mouth and grabs something else to chow down on. But by that time, the kitchen is an absolute disaster, with food from the refrigerator all over the floor and items from the trash can littering the tile.

But for the owner whose reaction to the mess is caught on camera, the disaster seems anything but a surprise. At least now the owner knows the dog's trick – and how to prevent it from happening again.

Don't you love technology?

Watch the video and see how Allie manages to open the refrigerator with nothing but her paws and mouth. And don't miss the end to see how the owner responds after walking through the door!

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