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NFL Coach Had to Apologize After This Comment About Johnny Manziel


"It was just a poor remark."

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has issued an apology for comments he made about controversial Browns backup QB Johnny Manziel on a radio show Monday. That comment? He called Manziel a "midget."

“You’ll get a little bit more movement if Manziel’s the quarterback, the thing that they did against Buffalo," Lewis said while responding to a question about whether he's worried about the possibility of Manziel starting this Sunday. "But other than that, no, that doesn’t impact you at all. You gotta go defend the offense. You don’t defend the player. Particularly a midget.”

Deadspin has analysis on Manziel's height:

At 5'11¾", Manziel is two inches taller than the average American male. But NFL quarterbacks, of course, aren't average American males: according to the LA Times the average height for a QB is 6'3".

Not long after, Lewis issued a mea culpa.

“I apologize to Johnny and the Browns and all the fans in Cleveland,” Lewis said, according to ProFootballTalk. “It was just a poor remark. I really didn’t mean anything by it.”

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