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Satanic Ritual? Teen Who Allegedly Wanted to 'Sell His Soul to the Devil' Stands Trial Over 'Sadistic and Inhumane' Crime


"[The]  most heinous, violent, and intimate kind of offense a person can commit."

A teenager is standing trial for capital murder after allegedly brutally beating and murdering a young girl in what prosecutors claim was a Satanic ritual.

Jose Reyes, 18, and 16-year-old Victor Alas of Houston, Texas, are accused of gauging out 15-year-old Corriann Cervantes' eye, beating her with a toilet seat, stabbing her with a screwdriver, committing rape, carving an upside down cross into her stomach and then killing her, the Daily Mail reported.

The alleged crime unfolded after the three teens, who all attended the same school and had known one another for years, reportedly went to a vacant apartment in February to have sex after using marijuana and alcohol.

While the sex was at first consensual, the situation allegedly quickly erupted into chaos, with the accused reportedly beating the young woman to death.

Prosecutor Martina Longoria — clearly horrified by the case — called the crime the "most heinous, violent, and intimate kind of offense a person can commit," according to the Houston Chronicle.

And the purported motive only adds to the scenario's complexities, as prosecutors claim Reyes' said that Alas wanted to "sell his soul to the devil" and that he, too, had done the same before the attack.

Reyes told a judge, though, that he is not guilty of the crime during a Monday court appearance.

Despite this claim, his sister was called to the stand, where she testified that her brother had shared details about how Alas strangled Cervantes with a belt, according to KTRK-TV.

Reyes, who was said to show few emotions in court, could face life in prison if convicted of the crime.

"Whether or not the devil was involved, what happened in that apartment was sadistic and inhumane," assistant Harris County district attorney John Jordan said in court. "He said he had no regrets."

Reyes' trial will likely last one week, with Alas' separate proceeding following.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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