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A Woman Said This Judge Propositioned Her. The Way the Judge Retaliated Has Him Facing Decades in Prison.

Bryant Cochran. (Image source: screengrab via Chattanooga News)

In a, "he said, she said," situation, many people might trust the word of a judge over an ordinary citizen.

In the case of former Murray County, Georgia, judge Bryant Cochran, that trust would seem to be grossly misplaced.

After a woman publicly accused him of propositioning her — in his judicial chambers, no less — Cochran conspired to discredit her by planting methamphetamine on her, a dirty trick for which Cochran was convicted Thursday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Bryant Cochran. (Image source: screengrab via Chattanooga News) Bryant Cochran. (Image source: screengrab via Chattanooga News)

Cochran, who served as the chief magistrate of Murray County from 2004 until August 2012, was also found guilty of sexually assaulting a court employee and witness tampering.

In July 2012, Angela Garmley accused Cochran of propositioning her while she was in his office, and as the New York Daily News reported, Cochran didn't pull any punches going after her.

He got one of the tenants in the trailer park he owned to plant five bags of meth under Gramley's car, then tipped off sheriff's deputies that they would find drugs in Gramley's vehicle, the Daily News reported.

When police pulled Gramley over and searched her car, they couldn't find the drugs -- until one Captain Michael Henderson called Cochran, who allegedly told the police exactly where to look in the car to find the meth.

The drug charges against Gramley were eventually dropped.

Cochran is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 20, and he could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

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