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The Morning Blaze is looking for its #MostValuableTweeter

The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson airs from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET Monday through Friday.

The Morning Blaze with Doc and Skip is looking for our #MostValuableTweeter.

Who should it be? Make your pick below — the winner will be announced at the end of the year.

The Morning Blaze #MostValuableTweeter

@only18powers Larry DeLuca

@DMR_MI Donna

@stinkybisquit Stinky

@wackyterbacky5 Rachel Profiling

@rc_kris Kris

@TheEud Jammed Thoughts

@Sleevetalkshow RINO Season

@sid67crowe Bossy Liberty Mom

@555ft Bob Loblaw

@InsiderDenny Denny

@JamesBham James in AL

@Tek_Roo Tek Roo

@caleb_oliver Caleb

@RozMcAllister Roz in Cleveland

@SKIPdaZIP Skip da Zip

@Dwarfclone Dwarfclone

@Prindigo Prindigo

@BigDadios Big Dadio

@rockiwithani Rocki With an I

@misskathrynhyde Kate

@kuhb00m DM in DM

@sttngduck SittingDuck ‏

@ScottLeo1978 Cincy Browncoat

@youseenmikehunt Hadda Nuff

@andrewpcurrier Andy Currier

@robbiehart21 Johnny Mack

@lrc328 Lisa

@QuantumFlux1964 Quantum Flux

@Buppacap Rick L

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