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Collectors Are Trying to Cash in on 'The Interview


"A totally unique category."

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It is an accepted axiom in the world of collectibles: mistakes are worth someone.

As soon as Sony announced that its planned Christmas Day release of "The Interview" wasn't going to happen, collectible dealers, movie theater employees and some in the media started gathering promotional materials associated with the embattled film.

Image: Ebay Image source: eBay

Within a day, Sony removed "The Interview" page from its corporate website and ordered all posters and promotional materials be taken down. Trailers were deleted from Sony and Paramount Pictures' YouTube channels (though there are still some trailers available on non-Sony sites).

But promotional materials haven't disappeared completely: maybe predictably, hundreds have turned up on eBay.

On Friday morning, a quick search of eBay's basic website turned up more that 325 different online auctions and sales of merchandise from "The Interview."

A majority of the items listed were posters or "lobby cards" typically used in theaters where the movie would be screened. Most of the movie posters were hoping to realize a price in the $200-$500 range.

Image: eBay Image source: eBay

A larger item, a 22-foot banner had some imperfections and a tear, but was still listed with a started bid of $999.99.

Image: Ebay Image source: eBay

A T-shirt promoting the movie with a phrase from the film's trailer was also available for purchase.

Image: eBay Image: eBay

The most expensive item posted was a promotional cup in the shape of a rocket.

Image: eBay Image source: eBay

Two different eBay sellers listed the same item, and both were hoping to hit an online auction jackpot.

Image: eBay Image source: eBay

"Merchandising from this movie – especially the ephemera such as posters, lobby cards, PR kits, scripts, etc – is in a totally unique category," television host and collectibles expert John Bruno told TheBlaze. "Unlike a widely received movie such as 'Star Wars,' we now have a movie that no one has seen...yet everyone has heard of and has an opinion about."

As for "Interview" collectives maintaining their value in the future, Bruno said there "will be an early furious feeding frenzy about 'The Interview' where some crazy profits will be made, but then things will quickly quiet down and it will enter the collectible version of an interesting footnote and only collectors of the arcane will have interest."

But, he added, "Of course, all this will change if we actually go to war over a Seth Rogen movie!"

EBay representatives did not return requests for comment about whether the company has received any threats or been asked to remove any of the items.

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