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Will It Be a Conservative Filmmaker Who Helps Save One of the Nation's Most Progressive Cities From Despair?


"...incompetence, corporate cronyism, greed, and above all, corruption."

The story of the downfall of Detroit — once a thriving city of innovation and prosperity — is one worth telling in order to prevent it, and other cities, from suffering the same fate in the future, according to conservative filmmaker Ben Howe.

detroit project

Not only does Howe, who is also the head writer of TheBlaze TV’s Dana and a RedState contributor, want to shine a light on the decades of progressive policies and corruption that he says ultimately plunged Detroit into bankruptcy, he also wants to connect with an engaged audience to help the city emerge from the ashes. That’s why he says he’s creating “The Detroit Project” documentary film.

Detroit just recently emerged from the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. The residents of Detroit — the roughly 600,000 who have remained there — are now wondering what comes next.

“Detroit is often framed as a lost cause but we never hear the whole story. What brought the city to this point? Not chance, but incompetence, corporate cronyism, greed, and above all, corruption,” Howe writes of his upcoming documentary.

“We intend to fearlessly engage with those in power that claim to be working on behalf of the people,” he adds. “We will investigate how city planners are spending public money, what projects are in the works, and what they believe the focus of city efforts should be.”

Rather than rely on funding from a studio, Howe is trying to fund the project by crowdsourcing via Indiegogo.com.

Watch the short video below to learn more about “The Detroit Project.”

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