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She Stole a Car Right on Camera and Got Away With It. Then She Went Back to the Dealership to Complain.


"I couldn’t believe someone would go through with that so calmly."

(Image via WFOR-TV)

It was an audaciously bold way to steal a car...and a painfully dumb way to get caught.

(Image via WFOR-TV) (Image via WFOR-TV)

Police have arrested some and are still looking for others involved in a car-stealing scheme in Hialeah, Florida, WFOR-TV reported Friday.

The scheme: Use falsified identification documents to waltz into a used car dealership and sign up for a financing deal.

The dealership was none the wiser until long after the perps had driven the cars off the lots.

“Everything checked out," said dealer employee Felipe Pereira. "The picture looked legit, everything matched perfectly."

Pereira and other employees at The Connection Motors fell for the scheme twice, with two different sets of people using falsified documents last week.

“I’m astonished," said Pereira. "I couldn’t believe someone would go through with that so calmly and family-like…she had two kids with her including a baby."

But the employees wouldn't have to wait long for justice.

One of the women who had allegedly driven away in a Cadillac, 38-year-old Miskea Smith-Gray, came back to the dealership days after completing the bum bargain to complain that the keys to the car were low on batteries, WFOR reported.

Miskea Smith-Gray. (Image via WFOR-TV) Miskea Smith-Gray. (Image via WFOR-TV)

Employees told her to wait...and they called the cops.

Smith-Gray and the man with her, 35-year-old Corey Wilson, were arrested and face charges of grand theft auto and organized fraud.

Corey Wilson. (Image via WFOR-TV) Corey Wilson. (Image via WFOR-TV)

Cops are still on the lookout for the other group caught on camera completing a fraudulent deal.

Watch the report below, and contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471- TIPS if you have information to add to the case.

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