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What Shaq Did on Live TV Involving a Christmas Tree Is One of the Oddest Things You'll See Today


"That was an accident."

(Source: YouTube)

Former NBA star and current basketball commentator Shaquille O'Neil is known to be quirky. But what he did on live TV Thursday takes the cake.

While talking with colleague Kenny Smith during halftime of one of the Christmas Day games, the pair was discussing the need for tougher play. They made eye contact, and then jetted behind the set, seemingly to demonstrate what was needed. And either in a planned stunt or part of a stunt gone wrong, Shaq ended up crashing into a Christmas tree on set.

Watch below, but pay attention to the replays and see if you think the Christmas tree crash part was part of the plan:

Smith claimed it was all an accident and that Shaq's slick shows prevented him from stopping.

Shaq's response: "This means war."

Adding to the oddity, however,  is that this isn't the first time Shaq has had a tree mishap. As Deadspin pointed out, it happened in 2012 too -- and that one was definitely planned:

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