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Amazingly Beautiful': See 12,500 Pictures Become One Incredible Video From Space

Image via YouTube

Who could get starstruck gazing into deep space when the shining lights of planet Earth are so alluring?

Alexander Gerst, an astronaut who was aboard the International Space Station between May and November 2014, took some 12,500 pictures during his stint in space and turned them into one dazzling timelapse video.

From the glittering greens of the Aurora Borealis...

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube the sparkling lights of Europe's major cities, Gerst's photos capture unique looks at the planet we call home.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

Watch the timelapse video below:

Commenters on Reddit remarked on the video's gorgeous images on Sunday.

"This is an amazingly beautiful video, love it," one wrote, while another appreciated the shots of the ISS, writing, "What an amazing ship! I had enjoyed watching the station more than the earth."

TheBlaze reported on Gerst's extraterrestrial photography earlier this year, when he tweeted the "saddest photo" he ever took: a shot over the Holy Land, where explosions and rockets fired into Israel from Gaza were visible from space.


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