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Jihadi Supporters Exchange Savage Ideas on How to Kill Islamic State Captive


“Suggest a Way to Kill the Jordanian Pilot Pig.”

Image source: Twitter

Supporters of the Islamic State are using Twitter to exchange ideas about the different ways they would like to see a Jordanian pilot captured by the militant group to be executed.

The website Vocativ examined some of the posts using an Arabic hashtag that translates to “suggest a way to kill the Jordanian pilot pig” and found some vicious entries.

Suggestions calling for the blood of First Lt. Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh included beheading, burning him alive, axing him to death and running him over with a bulldozer.

Other tweets included photos of bloody chainsaws, hangings and car assaults. One suggested using nail clippers — the tweet ending with a smiley emoticon.

The 26-year-old Jordanian’s F-16 crashed last week near the Syrian city of Raqqa where the Islamist group has its de facto capital. He was flying a mission as part of the international air campaign against the Islamic State.

A video posted as part of the Twitter discussion showed a woman who claimed to be the mother of a Syrian killed in a coalition airstrike saying the Jordanian should be killed “with impalement, not with a mercy shooting or a mercy knife.”

Vocativ identified a second hashtag “WeAllWantToSlaughterMoaz,” which included more posts calling for the captive’s blood.

It is unknown if the social media exchange has received the backing of Islamic State activists or just their supporters.

In a purported interview with the pilot published Monday in the Islamic State’s monthly English-language magazine, al-Kaseasbeh was asked if he knew what his captors would do to him.

"Yes. … They will kill me," he reportedly said.

Opposite the bloodthirsty discussion, a hashtag that translates to #WeAreAllMoaz has also gained in popularity. There, supporters of the captured pilot offer their prayers and words of support.

The pilot’s father, Safi Yousef al-Kaseasbeh, has pleaded with his captors to show mercy, emphasizing his son is also Muslim.

“I direct a message to our generous brothers of the Islamic State in Syria: to host my son, the pilot Mu’ath, with generous hospitality,” he said. “I ask God that their hearts are gathered together with love, and that he is returned to his family, wife and mother.”

“We are all Muslims,” he added.

The Jordanian parliament has threatened "grave consequences" if the pilot is harmed.

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