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Wait, was comic Bob Newhart a ref in college football's national championship game?

Image: Twitter

Ohio State beat Oregon 42-20 to win the NCAA football championship on Monday night. However, something else happened on the field that caught the attention of many people watching.

As Ohio State began to pull away from Oregon, the action between the teams took a back seat to a distraction created by one of the referees.

Several people noticed the similarity between an official and comic legend, Bob Newhart. In fact, so many posted the observation on Twitter that Newhart's name started "trending" -- appearing in lists of the most mentioned terms on the social media platform.

Billionaire and Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban also saw the ref as Newhart's doppelgänger.

It wasn't long before ABC television's Good Morning America tweeted the comparison.

Newhart spotted his name "trending" on Twitter, and responded on the social media platform.

The topic continued to gain media attention on Tuesday morning as it was presented on the Today Show.

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