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I'm Going to Kill You': Hear the Chilling Voicemails That Self-Described Islamic State Members Reportedly Left for a Jewish-Owned Business in D.C.


"I will take the gay pride flag and hang you with it."

This undated file image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 shows fighters from the Al Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) marching in Raqqa, Syria. (AP Photo/militant website, File)

A Jewish-owned business in Washington, D.C., is reportedly being targeted by self-described Islamic State members who have been placing harassing phone calls and making online threats to employees over the past five months, according to WJLA-TV.

The "almost constant" messages reportedly range from being anti-Semitic to being anti-gay, with the callers allegedly threatening to commit murder, the outlet reported.

"I will take the gay pride flag and hang you with it. Do you hear me?" a man can be heard saying in a voice message left for the company.

In another message a male voice took aim at a specific employee, stating, "I'm going to kill you [redacted employee name]. I'm going to murder you. This is a threat."

WJLA-TV is not publicly naming the business nor its employees, citing the sensitive nature of the situation.

An employee told the outlet that the individual or individuals calling have repeatedly said they are members of the Islamic State, though this detail is currently unconfirmed.

Homeland Security reportedly investigated and deemed the calls not credible before returning the case to police in Washington, D.C..

The business, though, is reportedly fearful following last week's terror attack in Paris.

Verizon has said the calls are traceable, but that police would need to reach out to the company for details. A Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson was not immediately available to speak with TheBlaze about the investigation into the alleged harassment.

The business claims that it cannot think of anyone who could be targeting it and is hopeful that the calls and online threats are benign.


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