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Dems want to make it harder for people to make their own guns at home

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Several House Democrats have proposed legislation aimed at making it harder for people to make their own guns at home.

Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) and seven other Democrats proposed the Home-Assembled Firearms Restriction Act. That bill would ban the sale and purchase of "firearm receiver castings" and firearm parts kits, which today can be bought and used to make functioning weapons at home.

Photo: Shutterstock People who make guns at home from parts they buy would have a harder time under two new bills offered by Democrats. Photo: Shutterstock

Honda's office said banning the sale of these items would reduce the number of untraceable weapons.

Honda also proposed a separate bill that would regulate any firearm that someone does manage to produce at home. His Homemade Firearms Accountability Act would require all self-assembled guns to bear serial numbers.

Democrats said that change would allow police to trace these homemade weapons that are used in a crime.

"We need a common sense approach to reduce gun violence," Honda said Wednesday. "These bills can make our streets safer, and protect our citizens, police, and first responders. I will continue to fight for sensible public safety laws."

A third bill offered by Honda would ban the sale and purchase of military-grade body armor, except to police and first responders. Honda's office said that bill would allow police to respond to active shooting situations "more effectively."

Democrats have clamored for passage of new gun restrictions in the wake of several shootings over the last few years. But passing any gun bill at all proved impossible under even a Democratic Senate, and the new GOP-led Senate seems even less likely to consider any major gun bill.

All three of Honda's bills are cosponsored by Reps. Danny Davis (D-Ill.), Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) and Robin Kelly (D-Ill.), and his two bills on homemade guns are cosponsored by a few other House Democrats.

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