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Rush Limbaugh's Several Reasons Why Today Is 'Not a Good Day for the Left


"...and they're livid."

Rush Limbaugh

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh told his audience on Thursday that “it is not a good day for the left” for several reasons, including this year’s Oscar snubs and continuously eroding support for President Barack Obama.

“The Drive-By Media and several elements of the pop culture left are not happy out there today.  The movie ‘Selma’ took it on the chin in the Oscar nominations, and they're livid,” Limbaugh said. “How dare this happen so close to Martin Luther King's birthday.  Oprah got snubbed, totally snubbed. Roger Ebert got snubbed. Roger Ebert is a god to several young aspiring would-be leftists and particularly Drive-Bys.”

Al Sharpton reportedly called for an "emergency meeting" following the release of this year's Oscar nominations.

He continued: "And I'll tell you something, folks. You probably haven't seen reference to this, maybe you have, as much as there is to access today, but I have found today three different pieces, actually two from serious leftist establishment foreign policy types who have turned on Obama like you can't believe. One of them is Leslie Gelb. Does the name Leslie Gelb ring a bell to you, Mr. Snerdley? He's a lifelong New Yorker, New Jerseyan. You should recognize his name. He's a longtime reporter for the New York Times, and now he's the director of "boring" for the Council on Foreign Relations."

Limbaugh said Gelb, who he called a "ranking member of the leftist intellectual establishment foreign policy apparatus," is upset -- like many others -- about Obama not going to Paris following the deadly terrorist attacks in France.

"It's all about not going to Paris," he said. "It's all about not going. It's all about not sending anybody to Paris. They're just beside themselves over that."

Listen to a short part of the segment below:


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