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Disturbing Video May Show the Last Video Message of Man Who Shot Himself Outside Fox HQ: 'There Can Be No Righteous Cause Without a Sacrifice


"2014 was the worst year of my life, and with a new year, it is time for Fox to have the worst year of its existence."

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A billion-dollar demand and a veiled threat of suicide.

"Didn't I tell you this was going to be a stunner?"

So begins the final video posted by AvidFCPro, a YouTube account that may have been controlled by Phillip Perea, the man who shot himself outside Fox News headquarters in New York City Monday morning.

The video was posted on the same morning that the suicide took place.

"It's unfortunate, but it would seem there can be no righteous cause without a sacrifice," the narrator says, implying he would "leave behind" debt but never overtly stating that he would commit suicide.

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The video was posted the same morning that the suicide took place and was tweeted out by an account with the same name of the man that police have identified as the deceased.

The Twitter account identifies the poster as Perea, whom the Wall Street Journal reported was a disgruntled former Austin, Texas, Fox affiliate employee. In previous videos, the narrator also identified himself using that name.

The video series on YouTube is a long attack on Fox management, which the narrator says denied him due process during his firing — a firing that left him ruined, he said.

The first video in the series, posted in July 2014, contains a recording of a purported conversation between Perea and his supervisor, identified as "Mike."

“I think you need to know that the people you work with, your co-workers, and there’s several, they’re starting to fear you," Mike says in the first video, informing him that he's suspending the narrator with pay. "They’re concerned about your behavior, your aggressiveness…you’re making people uneasy.”

“I just want you to consider the ramifications that are coming your way if…you continue down this path,” the narrator responds, threatening legal action against the Fox affiliate.

Throughout the video series, the narrator blames Fox's corporate management for harming employees and ruining his life, and he dismisses various allegations of his own wrongdoing.

In his final video, the narrator pushes drastic retribution against Fox management.

"2014 was the worst year of my life, and with a new year, it is time for Fox to have the worst year of its existence," the narrator says in his final video.

The narrator calls upon the American people to stand up and post "We're with Phil" on corporate websites.

"Fox will compensate my two youngest sisters $1 billion," the narrator demands, calling the payment a "penance," before prohibiting Fox from laying off employees in order to fulfill his demand.

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"I am extremely ashamed that I leave debt behind," he says as he notes some of Fox's billion-dollar payoff must go to paying his credit card debt.

He also demands that others not "copycat" his tactics — though he never explicitly says that he is going to kill himself.

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See the whole video below:

Each of the videos on AvidFCPro's page had only received a few hundred views before Monday morning — and if the videos are genuinely the work of the man who shot himself Monday morning, it could be likely that the video hosting service pulls them down soon.

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