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This Is Not Settled Science': Video Montage Shows Media Has Blamed 'Liberal, Affluent' America for Anti-Vaccination Movement


"I don't trust the government...Especially with my health."

Image: YouTube

With the current measles outbreak hitting 14 states, many in the mainstream media have been attempting to place blame on one group of people.

Some reports say the 100+ cases are due to conservatives, others point to the far left.

Who is responsible for the resurgence of the very contagious, dangerous disease? At this point, the anti-vaxx movement seems to cross a lot of lines. But a recently released video montage from the Washington Free Beacon shows some of the most powerful voices in liberal media have been part of the anti-vaccination crowd for years.

Clips from NBC's "Today" show, CNN, Bill Maher's show on HBO and Comedy Central's "Daily Show" support the Free Beacon's hypothesis that the liberal end of the media has been driving the anti-vaxx movement while pointing to "pockets of liberal, affluent America where parents don't want their kids vaccinated."

Watch the montage:


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