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This Is Wrong and It Needs to Be Stopped': Beck Unpacks Interview With Texas Islamic Tribunal Judges


"You can see that he’s lying."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Feb. 10, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Tuesday said the new Islamic tribunal in north Texas is "wrong and it needs to be stopped."

"The first [Islamic] tribunal in American history is being set up just a few miles away from our studios in of all places Irving, Texas," Beck said on his radio program. "There is a real concerted effort by the Muslims to take this area and make it into Dearborn, Michigan, and I'm really not that interested in having my studios in Dearborn, Michigan."

Beck interviewed two of the four judges on the tribunal on Monday, and unpacked the interview on his radio program Tuesday.

"I [didn't] really expect them to say anything other than, 'Hey, we're all friends here. Everything will be great,'" Beck began. "We have the imam and a doctor of Islamic law. The doctor doesn't say much during the interview for about eight minutes. The imam is just towing the line, and he is saying all the right things. 'This is just about marriage. This is no big deal. And Shariah law ... is not what you think it is.' He denounced Hamas. And it was at the denunciation of Hamas that the doctor then steps up."

Beck played audio of Dr. Taher el Badawi defending Shariah law, saying "A cut head is just not in Shariah law, just in Islamic law. It's everywhere. Who says that's just in Islamic law? That's even another Shariah, in Jewish Shariah, in Christian Shariah. In America here we would cut head for some reason."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Feb. 10, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"Look how many millions of dollars America here or other states or other -- outside, spend for -- to -- to keep the criminal in jail," Badawi continued. "A lot of millions of dollars. We can save that."

But after defending Shariah law, Badawi concluded: "So back please to the point: Islamic tribunal, yes, we never deal with anything of that. It is not -- we don't have authority of that. We have no power."

Beck was stunned by the man's defense of beheadings and the chopping off of hands, noting that the imam "was making the case all the way through that Shariah law has nothing to do with the cutting off of hands or heads."

"The imam ... kept quoting things from the Koran, all the great things in the Koran," Beck continued. "And I said, 'You know, it also says ... that you should kill Jews, and trees and rocks will cry out and say, oh, Abdullah, there's a Jew hiding behind me, come kill him.' And he was adamant, absolutely not."

When Beck asked if the line was in the Hadith, the imam did not give a direct answer, which made Beck say on Tuesday: "He knew. And you can see it. You can see that he's lying. Why should we deal with anyone on face value if they are ... caught lying that quickly?"

Glenn Beck speaks with Imam Moujahed Bakhach and Taher el Badawi on his television program Feb. 9, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"How are we to deal with this now in our community?" Beck continued. "Because they're now telling us that this is not going to affect anything but marriages. But if you listen to him on the marriages, here's the problem: If somebody is married under Islamic law and you're in this Islamic community, if he doesn't give you a divorce ... what does that mean for her?"

Beck discussed the example the imam gave of a woman who was married in Djibouti, and came to America without her husband after receiving asylum.

"It seemed like it was kind of a sham kind of marriage," Beck said. "You are given to your husband by the father. ... You can be married at nine. It's not the same kind of marriage that we have over here. ... But she has to get a release for her life, she has to get a release from this imam. He said no, because I can't notify him."

Beck said if the woman starts a relationship with another man, she could be ostracized from the community, but "more importantly, she's now marked for an honor killing."

"That's why divorce matters in these situations," Beck said. "They're going for the immigrant communities. These people who are coming over from different parts of the world, they don't know our system of justice. They don't know anything. And they're coming over here, and these courts are keeping them in the same kind of slavery that they were in overseas."

"This is wrong and it needs to be stopped," Beck concluded. "This is the war on women. The ones who get hurt in this are women."

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