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Husband Says He Had a Good Reason to Secretly Record His Wife. Watch the Video and You Might Agree.


"I knew I shouldn't be the only one to get to hear her play — so I hid a camera."

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Think he'll be sleeping on the couch after secretly recording her?

Think again.

In a video posted to YouTube Tuesday, a husband claims to show the world his shy wife's talent: her music.

"I was listening to my wife play and sing last night," the husband wrote in the video description. "She is so talented and I knew I shouldn't be the only one to get to hear her play — so I hid a camera."

Watch the recording of her playing Vance Joy's "Riptide" below:

The video poster said he told his wife before putting the video online and that she was "actually pretty excited" to have others hear her.

"Truthfully, she used to sing, perform and write lots of songs back in college," the husband wrote. "Unfortunately, the reason she hasn't really performed in long time is because she developed vocal nodes several years ago. Since then her confidence in her voice has been shot, only really singing in church. This post has been healing for her and she is very thankful for all the positive posts — as am I."

Commenters paid the wife's voice high praise — though the highest praise of all might be simply watching the video.

"Your wife is talented enough that I listened to the entire song, instead of just watching for 20 seconds like I do with most youtube videos," wrote one commenter, summing up the Internet's attention span problem.

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