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Kansas Movie Theater Kicks Out Gun-Carrying Man, but May Not Have Been Following the Law


"I was embarrassed and I felt manipulated."

Image via WIBW-TV

State law says if a business wants to ban guns, it needs to clearly display a sign — not hide behind a "thumbnail" posted discretely.

Now a gun-toting customer says he won't be coming back to the movie theater.

WIBW-TV reported Tuesday on the story of Topeka, Kansas, gun owner David Lowndes, who said he was kicked out of the Regal West Ridge 8 movie theater after he brought his gun inside — but the theater may not have been following the law.

"I clearly did not see a [no guns] sign," Lowndes said. "That's what I look for."

State law requires businesses that prohibit guns to clearly display a six-inch sign, but the notice posted in the movie theater was the size of a "thumbnail," Lowndes said and WIBW confirmed.

Lowndes went on to say that he's carried his gun inside the theater many times before with no issue, and the incident left him feeling upset.

"I was embarrassed and I felt manipulated," Lowndes said.

As for the theater, management refused to answer calls about the incident.

Watch Lowndes discuss the incident below:

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