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Sarah Palin Showed Up at 'SNL' Shindig and Fired Off One Question


“I don’t think there’s a number too big.”

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The show parodied her umpteen times — would they relish the chance to do it again?

During the "Saturday Night Live" 40th anniversary special Sunday evening, comedian Jerry Seinfeld fielded a question from the woman Tina Fey parodied time and time again in 2008.

"Yes, Tina?" Seinfeld asks, "mistaking" former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for her 'SNL' counterpart.

"Uh, no, it's Sarah," Palin shoots back. "Just curious, Jerry, how much do you think ['SNL' producer] Lorne Michaels would pay me if I were to run in 2016?"

“I don’t think there’s a number too big,” Seinfeld said.

When Palin teased the idea that she'd run with Donald Trump as her running mate, Seinfeld responded to the parody prospects with, "Now you're teasing us!"

Watch the clip below:

In a separate interview, Palin weighed in on 'SNL," saying she wished the show didn't mock conservatives as much as it does but that she liked the show regardless.

She also joked that Fey, who has "made a lot of money pretending to be someone else," might pitch in for one of the Palin kids' braces — watch below:

Palin was also spotted with the Rev. Al Sharpton, who tweeted that he encouraged her to run for president "to help the Democrats out."

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