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MSNBC Host Decries Islamic State's 'Religious War' — and Has a Surprising Message About Boots on the Ground


"We can't sit back here and watch hordes of people get their heads cut off."

MSNBC's Ed Schultz offered up a tough analysis of the current situation surrounding the Islamic State terror group on Monday, claiming that the radical cohort's continued assaults amount to a "religious war" — one that he believes could require the U.S. to put boots on the ground.

"I think this act of mass murder amounts to a religious war," Schultz proclaimed, going on to warn about the apparent expansion of the Islamic Stare. "Clearly, ISIS is growing geographically. Now this is the biggest jihad that we've seen in our lifetime."

The liberal TV host said that he believes the Islamic State is "changing the world and every country's security" and that the time might be coming to have a deeper conversation about what needs to be done to halt the terror group's advances.

"The United States is going to have a continual reviewal of its strategy. We can't sit back here and watch hordes of people get their heads cut off," Schultz continued. "And why would we tell ISIS that there's no way we would ever put ground troops in combat situations? I think it has reached a point where we really have to have a very strong debate in this country."

He added, "As I see it, it's a religious war."

Watch Schultz's comments below:

His commentary comes after the Islamic State released a video that appears to show the beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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