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Cops Say He Stole a GPS From a Car. What He Did Next Is Being Described As 'Things Dumb Criminals Do.


"Things dumb criminals do."

21-year-old Corey Huddleston was arrested after allegedly robbing a car in Indiana. (Image via RTV6-TV)

Inclement weather can negatively impact our lives, making the traffic longer or a walking commute less pleasant, but on Wednesday it led police directly to a theft suspect.

Police in Columbus, Indiana were responding to a call about a vehicle that had been robbed when they noticed clear footprints in the snow away from the scene of the crime.

Police followed the trail and see where it led, and were pleasantly surprised when they ended up at a nearby shed where 21-year-old Corey Huddleston was hiding out with the missing items, including a GPS device.

Huddleston was arrested, and RTV6-TV reports that the story is gaining traction on the police department's Facebook page. People are describing it as: "Things dumb criminals do."

RTV6-TV has the whole story, below:

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