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‘Bye, Hugh’: Mother Jones Reporter Hangs Up on Radio Host After Fiery Exchange Over O’Reilly Report


"OK, Hugh, I'm going to say goodbye,"

The author of the Mother Jones story that alleged Fox News host Bill O'Reilly misled viewers about his war reporting hung up Monday during a radio interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt.

After a fiery 45-minute interview, reporter David Corn chose to hang up on Hewitt over objections to the radio host's line of questioning.

"Bye, Hugh," he said to conclude the interview.

Hewitt started the interview by asking Corn a series of questions about his own past, seemingly aiming to illustrate that it's difficult for anyone to remember events that occurred decades ago.

"Now listen, I know where you’re going here, Hugh, and I will hang up the phone with you if you don’t want to have an accurate description of what we wrote and what Bill O’Reilly has said, and what he has said about what he has said," Corn said, objecting to Hewitt's questioning at the beginning of the interview.

"Don't get excited," Hewitt said moments later. "This is just an interview."

"Well, I am, because this is B.S.," Corn replied.

"It actually isn't," Hewitt said.

The two then briefly discussed Corn's story, talking about whether or not O'Reilly was ever in a "combat area" while covering the Falklands War from Buenos Aires. However, things quickly changed and Corn again became unhappy with the questions from Hewitt.

"OK, Hugh, I'm going to say goodbye," Corn said, adding, "I'm happy to stay here, but now you're boring me."

"I know I'm boring you," Hewitt replied.

Moments later, Corn had enough.

"Bye, Hugh," he said, hanging up the phone.

Corn later messaged Hewitt on Twitter, "Might be nice if you told your followers that we agreed to 30 minutes–and I gave up 45 before hanging up…Due to repetitive nature of the questions. Now that would be fair."

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