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After Car Chase, Guy Picked a Hiding Place So Bad It Actually Made Police Laugh


"He has now climbed under the mattress."

Image via KCTV-TV

Step one: Lead police on a car chase.

Step two: Hide under a mattress.

Maybe he was hoping the cops hadn't yet mastered the concept of object permanence.

After allegedly stealing a car, slamming into another driver's vehicle and leading cops on a 15-minute highway chase, a man in Missouri drove into a mobile home complex and picked one of the worst hiding spots in car chase history.

Image via KCTV-TV

As police helicopter video shows, the man ditched his car when he realized he was at a dead end, running through the housing looking for a place to hide.

He soon found a spot: an old mattress.

He tucked himself under the mattress as the police helicopter recorded him.

Image via KCTV-TV

In the video, police can be heard laughing as they report on the suspect's location.

"He has now climbed under the mattress," a woman's voice can be heard chuckling.

In a matter of minutes, he's surrounded by police.

Image via KCTV-TV

According to KCTV-TV, police said they arrested 42-year-old Michael Smith just before 4 p.m. Monday in Independence, Missouri.

Watch the botched escape attempt in the helicopter video below:

See more from KCTV below:

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