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TV Show's Filming Interrupted by Sighting of Purple UFO


"Peru must be dear to our extraterrestrial creators."

Image source: YouTube

A group of Raelians, a religion that believes the human race was created by aliens, in Peru were just about to hold a press conference about an embassy they are building for extraterrestrials when an object being called a UFO was spotted. Coincidence? The group thinks not.

"This UFO appeared right when we held a press conference to present our embassy project plan, which we have submitted to the Peruvian government," Raelian Guide Erich Rever with the Peruvian Raelian Movement said in a statement. "Peru must be dear to our extraterrestrial creators, who lived here in ancient times and left many traces, so we're asking the government for permission to build the embassy here."

Image source: YouTube

Near a construction site in Lima, a crew filming the show “Alto al crimen" — Crime Stoppers — which is hosted by Renzo Reggiardo, a congressman, captured the purple object that seemed to be flying in the sky. Reggiardo stopped in the middle of filming to point out what he saw and his crew focused in on the unidentified object. The clip was then uploaded to YouTube by Eduardo Chávez Guerra with what appears to be the addition of an eerie sound overlay.

Image source: YouTube

Check out the footage:

According to the Mutual UFO Network in Peru, the object was apparently in the sky for two hours. Fernando Tavara, the national director MUFON in Peru, noted that the object could have been a drone because the city's Ministry of Culture was known to be operating drones in the area for photography purposes. However, Tavara went on to say that the ministry said the position and the length of time the drone was in the air is not consistent with its equipment. MUFON also discredited the idea that it could be a kite.

Paul Seaburn for the Mysterious Universe podcast added more skepticism to the case:

So what was this purple UFO? Since multiple videos were taken, CGI or dust on the lens is out. Eduardo Chávez Guerra, a member of the “Alto al crimen” crew, said the video he put on YouTube was 1080p HD video. Since he’s a professional with a TV camera, one would think the quality would have been better.

Then there’s Congressman Reggiardo. Although he certainly wanted the camera back on him, he allowed his crew to film the UFO. If he believed it was a UFO, why didn’t he call the military or air force to investigate? Did he know what the object really was? Was he under orders not to confirm it or cause alarm? Did it have to do with what was under construction or what the UFO might be observing?

Tavara pointed out that because the object's origin cannot be definitively identified, it still merits the classification of a UFO by definition.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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