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Video: Leftist Group Attacks Republicans With 'American Sniper Parody


"American Snafu"

American Family Voices, a left-leaning advocacy group, released an “American Sniper parody” on Wednesday that parodies the Oscar-winning film based on the life of legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle to attack the GOP’s opposition to President Barack Obama’s executive immigration action.

The video suggests Republicans “are risking a shutdown of the Dept. of Homeland Security in order to stymie President Obama's executive orders on immigration.”

However, Republicans on Tuesday caved to Democrats’ demands and agreed to hold separate votes on one bill to fund DHS and another bill seeking to defund Obama’s immigration action. Democrats blocked DHS funding several times in order to force Republicans’ to back down.

House Speaker John Boehner didn't explicitly state whether or not he would support the Senate's funding package should it pass.

But critics will likely also be unhappy that the group used “American Sniper,” even as a parody, as a political attack ad.

Watch the video below:


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