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'Sex Box' Judge Is a Christian Pastor Who Says She Rejected Three Offers to Participate in the Show — but That God Changed Her Mind


"I'm thinking, 'God are you crazy?'"

There's been no shortage of controversy over "Sex Box," the WE TV show in which participants have sex inside of a soundproof box and then emerge to speak with a panel of judges and relationship experts about the experience — but did you know that one of the judges is a Christian preacher?

Pastor Yvonne Capehart, a counseling expert who runs a ministry geared toward women, recently told CBN News that she believes God wanted her to participate in "Sex Box" and that she is simply doing what she was "called to do."

Capehart revealed that she rejected three offers to participate on the show before reconsidering, admitting that she was, at first, turned off by the title, content and layout.

But Capehart said that she eventually felt pushed to step outside of her comfort zone and to accept the role after spending time in prayer.

"After I had turned it down the third time the Lord — as he did many times in my life, with everything else in my life — instructed me that he had prepared me to do the show and my presence would make a difference in being on the show," she told CBN News.

She added, "I'm thinking, 'God are you crazy?'"

Capehart said that she delivers the same guidance to the couples on "Sex Box" as she would anyone coming to her church, noting that she is qualified to give "biblical and pastoral advice as well as personal advice."

"One thing about my life and one thing about God is he will push you to do some things that you probably think you shouldn't do," she said. "I was not offended. I was doing what I'm called to do."

As for how she is responding to the backlash among those who believe her decision to participate is wrong, Capehart said that she has never been worried about what others think of her.

"My track record speaks for itself and I have a wonderful track record to do what God called me to do," she said. "God told me if I obeyed him, his glory would be revealed and I would understand as well as others."

Watch Capehart discuss her participation in "Sex Box" below:

As TheBlaze previously reported, some critics and conservative groups have been less than content about the show.

(H/T: Christian Post via CBN News)

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