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CNN Anchor Reveals the Key Thing About Marriage That He Says Is ‘Not Even a Question Anymore’


"I think that people can choose particular acts, but..."

Anchor Don Lemon tackled Dr. Ben Carson's controversial homosexuality claims on Wednesday, telling panelists appearing on "CNN Tonight" that the debate over the definition of marriage is settled and that matrimony isn't restricted solely to being "between a man and woman."

Lemon, who was joined by conservative commentator Ben Ferguson, liberal talking head Sally Kohn and professor Marc Lamont Hill, said that the matter has been decided by the courts.

"There is no definition of marriage as between a man and woman. Marriage is between two people," Lemon said. "The courts in many states and the Supreme Court has decided that marriage is between two people, whether it's the same sex or opposite sex. So, we'll move on."

He continued, "That is settled. That is not even in question anymore."

Earlier in the segment, Lemon, who himself came out in 2011, posed a question to Hill, Ferguson and Kohn, asking each: "Can you choose to be gay?"

"I think that people can choose particular acts, but I don't think people can choose their desire. I don't think people can chose who they love," Hill responded. "I think that's a biological reality."

Ferguson, though, said that he does believe some people choose to be gay.

"I think people choose to do different things every day, including if they choose to be gay, or bisexual or transgender," he said. "There are a lot of people that choose different things. I don't think that's some shocking, new revelation."

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(H/T: Mediaite)

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