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Why Glenn Beck Says Silicon Valley Libertarians Are 'Desperate' to Meet With His Audience


"They know this is huge."

Glenn Beck speaks at the Launch Festival in San Francisco March 5, 2015. (Image via YouTube/Twitter/@jason)

Glenn Beck spoke at the Launch Festival in San Francisco this week, where he says he met the "dreamers and doers of tomorrow." Discussing his experience on his radio program Friday, Beck said many of the libertarians in Silicon Valley are as "desperate" to meet with his audience as he was to meet with them.

"These guys are desperate to reach out to a group of people that believe in a better tomorrow, believe in the power of the individual, believe that the government is the problem, not the solution," Beck said. "They instinctively know that our audience is the audience that lives there. And they know that they can win. They know that they can beat this system. But it's going to be tough."

Beck said those in Silicon Valley and those in his audience need to discuss how to empower the individual, but they also need to discuss how "the entire world is about to change."

"Everybody is talking about, there will be 50 percent unemployment in the next 10 years," Beck said. "The companies that used to last ... for 50 years, 25 years, 15, now seven -- they will last about two and a half years, which means that your job and your companies are going to be in constant flux."

Beck said the only way to survive is to stay "open-minded and flexible every step of the way."

Stu Burguiere, Beck's co-host, remarked: "We're going to need whatever friends you're making in Silicon Valley more than ever because -- if what you're talking about is true and there's upheaval of 50 percent of jobs -- forget 50 percent unemployment. At 15 percent unemployment this country as constituted right now seems to ... run to the government for giant programs, as they did with Barack Obama when it got to 7 or 8 percent. It goes to 15, 16 percent ... there's going to be so many people grasping for control. You're going to need people like this."

"It's why the libertarians here are as desperate to meet our audience as I am to meet them," Beck said. "They know this is huge. ... We're going to have the industrial revolution that took a hundred years to go through, we're going to have it in a 10-year period. But we're in it right now. And that's going to be hard and we need to hold on to each other and hold on to our principles, not our interests."

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