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Impatient Driver Gets a Major Dose of Instant Karma After Using Wrong Lane to Bypass Traffic


Video posted online late last week appeared to capture a driver in Canada receive a dose of instant karma after cutting into an oncoming traffic lane to maneuver around another vehicle.

The footage, published March 17, shows the driver wait for oncoming traffic to pass before driving into the lane and passing another vehicle.

What the driver likely didn't notice was the police officer in a vehicle right behind him. Almost immediately, the officer activated his or her siren and pulled over the driver.

The person who uploaded the video said it was captured using a dash cam. On Monday evening it was featured on Internet-community website Reddit's front page and had amassed more than 70,000 views on YouTube. The time stamp said it was recorded in 2013, but the uploader indicated in the video's description that the footage was filmed late last week.

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