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Epic Selfie Shaming': Seven Ladies Took Advantage of a Tragedy to Snap Photos. They Probably Never Expected to Wind Up on the Cover of the New York Post.


"Village idiots."

Image via Twitter/New York Post

Now may be the time to retire your "selfie stick" — or at least learn when it's tasteless to use it.

The New York Post's Sunday cover blasted a group of women who snapped a selfie in front of a developing tragedy in Manhattan's East Village, giving the women a blunt title: "Village Idiots."

The photo popped up on Twitter in the aftermath of a massive Thursday explosion in New York City that destroyed three buildings, injured dozens and started a fire.

Many expressed shock that the septet of smiling ladies would pose for a selfie as fiery chaos raged behind them.

The people gracing the Post's cover weren't the only one snapping selfies in front of the flames — they were joined by Christina Freundlich, who reportedly took a selfie in front of the fire Thursday and then set her social media accounts to private when the backlash hit, and a Univision reporter who had to put himself in the picture.

The reactions on Twitter to the selfie-takers seemed uniformly negative, and many praised the Post for its "epic selfie shaming."

(H/T: Mediaite)

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