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Keep an Eye on the Firefighter and You'll See Why People Were Screaming


"Get him out!"

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A firefighter is fighting for his life after falling through the roof of a residential garage in Fresno, California. Sunday afternoon, the 25-year veteran of the Fresno fire department had climbed onto the roof of a garage as his colleagues were attempting to put out the blaze inside a one-story garage.

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A bystander happened to catch the moment the roof crumbled beneath him and the firefighter was swallowed up by the inferno.

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Screams can be heard from the people watching in horror as flames shot into the sky from the raging fire.

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Due to the intense heat from the fire, it took a couple of minutes for firefighters to open the garage door and rescue the man. Reports say he suffered burns on approximately 70 percent of his body.

Fresno Fire Chief Kerri Donis told KFSN-TV, "He did have his mask intact," adding, "There were some other burns on his back, around his legs, so they're pretty much in all areas of his body."

The department's Twitter account posted a statement of appreciation of all the support for their fallen comrade.

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