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Ann Coulter's Passionate Appeal to Christians to 'Go Out and Fight' Includes The One Key Attribute That She Says Every Believer Should Have


"The small town owners of pizzeria have more courage than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party."

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter decried the silence of some Christians in light of what she believes are overt liberal attacks on faith and conscience, imploring believers to have "courage" during an appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Thursday night.

"It's Christianity that the left hates most of all, because that is the foundation of the country and all of our freedoms come from that," Coulter said. "They're the ones who are trying to tear down this country by going directly at the heart of America, which is Christianity."

But Coulter, who said she's a Presbyterian, didn't hesitate to criticize fellow Christians as well, wondering why they haven't vocally spoken out in the wake of the most recent controversies surrounding religious liberties in America.

"Where are the Christians and where are the Republicans?" she rhetorically asked, invoking Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's recent handling of a controversial religious freedom bill in his state. "I'm glad this Mike Pence isn't running for president. They're falling like toy soldiers."

Coulter proceeded to implore Christians to have courage rather than remain silent and cower from the debate.

"The small town owners of [a] pizzeria have more courage than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party," she said. "Besides eternal life with your creator, the one thing every Christian should have is courage."

Coulter continued, "The most important thing in your life and eternity is already taken care of. Go out and fight."

O'Reilly agreed and lamented what he sees as a dearth of Christian leaders standing up to defend the faith.

"There isn't an organized attempt as there is in the gay lobby, in the abortion, women's reproductive rights lobby," he said. "You've got NOW. You've got all these pressure groups. You don't have anything on the Christian side. Isn't that strange?"

Watch the segment below:

(H/T : Mediaite)

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