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Video: Dutch Soccer Fans Chant 'Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas


"My father was in the commandos…My mother was in the SS."

At the soccer match, some fans chanted anti-Semitic slogan, clapped and ...

Dozens of Dutch soccer fans were caught on camera taunting their rival team with slogans glorifying the burning and gassing of Jews.

“Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas,” they chanted at a Sunday match, along with this song:

My father was in the commandos

My mother was in the SS

Together they burned Jews

Because Jews burn the best

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that the slogans were chanted in Utrecht during an honor division match between Amsterdam’s Ajax and FC Utrecht teams.

Supporters of Utrecht sometimes taunt the Amsterdam team by calling them “Jews” due to Jews historically residing in Amsterdam, according to the JTA.

The FC Utrecht soccer club said it was trying to locate those who shouted the slogans and plans to punish them.

Local Jewish activist Ronny Naftaniel held the team was partially responsible for not responding immediately.

“When will Ajax players walk off the field? Take action against anti-Semitism,” Naftaniel wrote.

Less than 25 percent of Dutch Jews survived the Holocaust, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial  Museum.

Here's video of the incident, which was posted on Dutch news sites and YouTube:

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