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Here's What Happened When a Supposedly Atheist 'Daily Show' Correspondent Sat Down With a Famed Megachurch Pastor


"You're still wearing Fonzie's jacket."

Jordan Klepper and Pastor Carl Lentz (Daily Show/Comedy Central)

Jordan Klepper, a correspondent for "The Daily Show" who is reportedly a self-professed atheist, recently sat down with Pastor Carl Lentz, a megachurch preacher known for donning a leather jacket and tattoos, to poke fun at the popular preacher's appearance and to question whether his hip approach to pastoral duties truly represents the future of Christianity.

Jordan Klepper and Pastor Carl Lentz (Daily Show/Comedy Central)

But Lentz, pastor of Hillsong Church in New York City, played along and appeared relatively unfazed by some of the quips and jabs, sharing his beliefs about Jesus and answering questions about his faith with ease.

"Pastor Lentz had it all — the skinny jeans, the douche beanie, and he played Grand Theft Auto in gore mode," Klepper said in a voiceover that aired during the segment, going on to reference the preacher's highly publicized friendship with pop star Justin Bieber. "In sold-out stadiums across across the country, this guy had both believers and Beliebers."

When Klepper asked Lentz to use four words to describe the experience at Hillsong, the pastor said, "Super, super, super dope."

"So, is this the future of Christianity?" Klepper asked, indicating Lentz's wardrobe, which included a hat, leather jacket and flannel shirt.

"I think, yeah, our church, we're going to get down to it," Lentz responded, turning the conversation back to Hillsong and going on to reference a new era in which believers can access the Bible and sermons on their smartphones.

Klepper, who went on to say that Jesus is in need of a reboot, also got another quip in about Lentz's clothing.

"I feel like [Jesus] transcends time," Lentz said. "I personally feel like Jesus isn't in need of a reboot at all. I think hip stuff goes out of style, that's the thing."

To that, Klepper responded, "That's not true, you're still wearing Fonzie's jacket."

The segment, which aired Wednesday night, also included an interview with the Rev. Dr. Christopher J. Benek, who argued that robots could potentially be a part of Christianity's future.

Watch it below:

It appears Klepper, though, is an equal opportunity offender, as he also poked fun at atheists in a comical segment not long ago.

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