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Horse Jockey Loses Race, but That's Not the Worst Part When You See What Happened to Him Near the Finish Line

Image source: YouTube

With seven races booked on Tuesday, jockey Blake Shinn was looking forward to a productive day of riding at the horse racing park in Canterbury, Australia. He even posted a notice about it on his Twitter account.

Image source: Twitter

However, Shinn's day started badly. As the jockey rounded the final turn in the first race, he rose up and attempted to lean forward and prompt his mount to push ahead of the lead horse.


As he stood in the stirrups, Shinn's racing silks slid down, exposing his naked buttocks.

Image source: YouTube

Shinn lost the race, but became an instant Internet sensation.

Watch the unfortunate turn of events.


After the race, he told the press the elastic in his pants broke, providing the world with unexpected "cracking" finish.

Image source: Twitter



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