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Armed With a Machete, 'Baltimore Batman' Risked His Life to Protect His Place of Employment From Looters — Here’s Why


"I'm just a plain guy."

He's being hailed as the "Baltimore Batman."

Image source: WHP-TV

And while he looks nothing like the iconic superhero, Brian Woodyard clearly was an imposing presence when he showed up Monday night at the bar where he's a bouncer during the rioting that gripped the city.

“I asked them to please let me stay in because then I could set up a defense,” Woodyard told WHP-TV. But he left before the rioting began.

During that time surveillance video showed looters ripping off liquor and tobacco from the Old Clubhouse after breaking through a huge grate covering a front window.

Image source: WHP-TV

But then Woodyard came back — and you might say he was dressed for success.

He had donned a long dark overcoat, slipped on a white surgical mask — and was wielding a machete.

"I was just trying to get the bar cleared and hope and pray to God that they didn't set it on fire and destroy everything," he told WHP-TV.

Woodyard sitting on the steps of the Old Clubhouse. (Image source: WHP-TV)

Woodyard said a reporter on the scene told him he scared off about 50 looters from the bar. Beforehand, the looters cost the place a few thousand dollars in damage and stolen inventory.

So why such a life-and-limb commitment to his place of employment?

Image source: WHP-TV

Turns out it was his way of showing appreciation to those who hired him: Woodyard is an ex-con.

"These people actually stood up and gave me a chance," he told the station.

In Woodyard's estimation, he's no Batman: "I'm just a plain guy," he said, calling himself simply one of many who stood up and did what needed doing on a night the city was in trouble.

Image source: WHP-TV

“A lot of us did not wear masks," Woodyard told WHP. "But a lot of us did defend our homes, defend our storefronts, defend our bars and we did our best."

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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